Eden Hazard’s 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Eden Hazard is a professional football player. He currently plays as an attacker for the Spanish giants, Real Madrid, and the Belgian National Team. He began his career with Lille in League 1. He is also very fond of getting ink, so he made limited tattoos on his body.

In this article, you will learn about his tattoos and their meanings.

1. Flower Tattoo:- He made this tattoo on his right arm, just above his elbow. It represents a flower. He never shared the exact meaning of this tattoo.

2. Side Tattoo:- He made this tattoo on the left side of his body. It represents a line on it in Chinese characters.

3. Date Tattoo:- He made this tattoo on his left wrist. It represents five dates over there. This is the first tattoo that he got. This tattoo represents his love for his family as it has his three brothers’ and parents’ birth date.

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