How to propose a girl indirectly when you love her

Find the right way to propose a guy indirectly in school or work to be your boyfriend or for marriage. To recommend anyone you like, use these tips and ideas.

So you’re in love, you think. Finally, you have met a guy who is stunning, financially secure, and who treats you well. It feels like he’s the only one who gets what you think, and you get him. But the problem now is that he still hasn’t made a promise to you. In this case, the important thing is to know if the guy feels the same way about you too. It doesn’t matter if you’ve known this guy all your life, or if you’ve only met him a couple of weeks ago when you love someone for whom you have to go. I presume you are thinking about it because you are here and so here are some suggestions to indirectly recommend a guy to be your boyfriend.


You need to make sure what you feel right now is genuine in order to go through with this first. When our former boyfriend or best friend is in a relationship, sometimes these feelings have a knack for creeping upon us. One should be confident that what they feel is not due to any petty envy. In order for him to see it, your feelings need to be present, otherwise, it will be awkward later on. Try to go out with him on a nice date or get involved with him in a group activity to ensure that what you experience is not any jealous rage or loneliness. This way, you’ll see how good you are with each other when you two are in close proximity, and if you are lucky, he will.

When you know your emotions are real, it’s time for you to do something about them. To prove that you’re interested, you should start sending some hints to him. It’s supposed to be nice yet subtle, so he gets the point. It should be enough to make your message clear, a little flirting here and there a few late-night chats along with some one on one movie and dinner date. It won’t be all dates and gifts at the outset. Slowly, both of you are getting closer, and that’s the time to hit. One thing you need to remember is that you should never go after a guy who is already in a relationship. It still wouldn’t be enough for you to get the man as if you were successfully breaking them up. Instead just like you just broke his heart, it would only pull him further away.


It’s time to make a plan to recommend that a guy be your boyfriend as soon as you’re confident of how you feel. Guy’s are stupid because even if the guy seems to be doing all the hard work like asking you out, taking chances, buying gifts and things, just imagine how many subtle clues the woman had to throw for that guy to even think of talking to her. I say you need to make sure a guy gets the confidence to make sure he gets the hints properly. You need to build a strategy to make sure that everything is handled correctly, and here are some ideas to help you do that.


There are many ways in which a relation topic can be treated, all you have to do is make sure you do it correctly. What a person has to remember is that this is an opportunity once in a lifetime, and if it is a

memorable one, it will be better. So when contemplating a proposal strategy, the feeling of the topic should be considered and used to the best of their knowledge. Let’s say if your guy is a little adventurous, then what you need is a treasure hunt proposal approach. If he is a sensitive man, then he will be satisfied with a handwritten letter with a memorable token. And if he’s a hopeless romantic, a friendship better than a home-cooked meal with you as a desert says nothing just kidding, a cake with icing that says “I Love You” would also do that.


In this approach, you show your sensitive side to your man. Thanks to all the sitcoms, you see most men expecting women to be chatty. But if you’re able to give him a nice letter of love or nice memorabilia, they may be shocked. These kinds of cute little surprises are much better than a huge surprise party because they show him your sensitive side and make him fall in love with you. You don’t have to propose this way, sooner or later he’s going to be the one doing the proposal.


It takes time and lots of preparation to suggest this strategy to a person. If you don’t think your man is the one to come back from an adventure, this is the one you need. The best thing is to schedule this ahead of time as a fun treasure hunt going to all the places you went to find your cute dates. This makes him remember how good together you two are. Don’t take any drastic measures; men can be influenced a lot by the simplest things. Note, you’re doing this to have fun and you’re going to be telling him how you feel in the end.


When it comes to relationships, nothing beats a fun romantic dinner and a stroll on the beach. All you have to do is go out on a fun casual date, have some laughs and then take a stroll with your arms in your arms and when you’re alone, tell him how you really feel. Often to say how they feel, one needs to feel relaxed, so you can do this at your place as well. You can have a home-cooked meal and a candle-lit dinner, and you can say peace after that.


Other than a woman eager to go there, nothing pleases men. All are performed in a push and pull ratio during a seductive approach. Your men will just have to tell you how much they want you with enough push and pull. You have to expose some skin when appropriate in order to get him there and then dress conservatively when not. Kissing him a lot is the easiest way to seduce a man. You would be able to kiss him all the time if you understand how kissing works. Say, you want undivided attention from this man, because kissing is the way to go. And if you want to distract him from something like a strategy for a surprise, then kissing too many works. But when you kiss a man, the best thing is when he least expects it, and for no cause. Of course, you need to know the guy well for this one. But it works for most of them, so you should try it as well.


If you are uncomfortable playing any games, then it is time for you to take a direct approach and recommend a boy you like. You’re not bushing around the bushes in this one and waiting for the guy to come around. You make a strategy instead, considering how where, where, and when you go for it. If everything goes well the guy reciprocates the emotions. The direct approach is a little risky because you leave all the cards on the table and in a way of saying, wait for him to reveal his cards. But the direct approach gets quick results most of the time, whether good or bad, but it gets done.


There are some items you need to remember when making a draft plan for a plan to be successful. The first thing you need to do is making sure you’re doing the right thing because that’s what you really want. And you’re ready once you have selected which strategy you are going to use. Here are the answers to the three most relevant questions in relation to the plan for the final contact.

Where to propose?

This is not about where the whole plan will take place, but just about the relevant part of it. You’re asking him to be your boyfriend here. If you have done the right preparations, then you two are in a romantic mood already. Select a spot that is quiet and private right now. Mind, this place should not be close enough to people around you that they can overhear you both talking.

When to propose?

It’s very relevant to know when to go for it. And it all depends on how you listen to the simple body language and read it. People have had a very bad day sometimes and it makes the day the worst day for you to come and say it out and out. And you two are going to be out or have a meal together or both, according to the methods, and if that is the case, then you have the perfect opportunity to judge the mood. Listen to what he’s doing and he’s in a foul mood if he’s moaning about something so see if you can change it. On the other hand, if he hints at romance, then you know he’s prepared for it.

How to propose?

It’s time for us to talk about how to do it, now that you know when and where to do it. If you’ve followed the advice so far, then you’re in a place where people can see you, but they can’t hear you, and they’re in a good mood. And it’s time for the real deal now. Start by telling him how much fun this date has been and how much you love that he’s always been there for you. Tell him then that he’s the best friend you’ve got. Listening to this he will feel like he is being dumped, but when you tell him the three magic words it’s a relief and the potential for reciprocation has improved immensely. Just make sure to use the three magic words without them as no proposal is complete.


One thing you need to know is that, especially where a partnership is concerned, any idea does not necessarily mean immediate results. Guys are fools, and they’re not always going to know what the answer to that question is. You have to direct them to a correct response that requires patience. So schedule your date accordingly and you’ll get the answer you want if all is done properly. But sometimes the best-laid plan gets fucked up and all you can do in that case is be cool and treat it like a pro.

Do not start doing anything unreasonable in either positive or negative situations. When you are in a bar, but not when you are in a sophisticated restaurant, some people start dancing when they get a positive response, which is good. Kissing, touching, or sharing a laugh is the perfect way of expressing your affection. And never swear or beg when the outcome isn’t just calm as planned and give it some time and maybe he’ll come around. I know many people advise that he’ll get it if a guy wants something but that’s not always the case particularly in a relationship, so often consider giving him.

Many people assume that proposing a guy is something a forward woman does, but it is better to tell them when you love someone. If you are confident, then you can take the initiative to show him how you feel and lead him to say how he feels. Don’t wait around for him to get it together. And it’s not some strange thinking to propose to a guy as it makes perfect memorabilia and it’s always nice to have a lady who doesn’t fear revealing how she feels. But it takes bravery to do anything but to do it well involves preparation, and we hope we have helped with that. Just make yourself calm and go for it.

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