How To Reset Kenworth T680

How To Reset Kenworth T680

The majority of people have the perception that semi-trucks are relatively straightforward and typical. Bring the vehicle to the dealer when the check engine light illuminates. On the other hand, more recent trucks have many computers, and just like any other computer, they have faults. Warning lights, such as the check engine light, may illuminate these more recent vehicles; nevertheless, nothing inherently has to be corrected.

This feature may be aggravating since you may not realize when a problem needs to be handled, even though modern vehicles and systems are fantastic in many respects about their capabilities. If, on the other hand, you drive a Kenworth T680, you may give yourself some peace of mind by reconfiguring the vehicle. If you want to learn how to reset your Kenworth T680, continue reading.

How do I do a quick key reset on my Kenworth T680?

After you have verified, performing a reset is the next step to ensure that there is nothing wrong with your Kenworth, that everything seems to be operating as it should, and that there are no leaks. Using an OTR reset tool or doing a fast key reset are both options available to you.

Let’s begin by examining the process of doing a speedy key reset.

Key Reset in a Hurry

You must ensure that you are in a secure location and that there is sufficient space around you before proceeding.

Proceed with the following procedures while the vehicle is still running:

  • Activate the off position by turning the key. The ignition will be labeled so that you can determine the amount of rotation your key has to make to turn it off.
  • When the key is in the off position, take it out of the ignition and remove it permanently. After removing the key, please open the door on the vehicle’s driver’s side and seal it again.
  • Keep an eye on the headlights. Before moving on to the next step, paying attention to the dashboard and checking that all lights have been off is essential.
  • Replace the key in the ignition of the vehicle. First, turn it to the “on” position, then wait a second before returning it to the “off” position.
  • Repeat this process a total of six times.

One last time, once you have moved the key to the on position, wait for a few additional periods before starting the vehicle.

You may proceed with your drive if the lights on the dashboard are no longer there. This indicates that the reset was successful, and you can continue from there.

The OTR Reset

You may also reset your T680 by purchasing an OTR reset tool, which stands for “over the road” reset tool. When you have an OTR reset tool, you will not only be able to save a lot of time and money, but you will also have some peace of mind since you will know for sure whether or not it is required to take your vehicle to a mechanic for inspection.

Similarly to a fast key reset, you should make sure that you are parked in a secure area and then proceed with the instructions that are listed below:

  • To begin, set a timer for three minutes. This should take at most this amount of time, and it will assist you in maintaining your course of action and completing all of the necessary tasks within the allotted time.
  • The first step is to switch off the engine while keeping the key in the ignition if it is already running. For the next minute, please keep it off.
  • Once one minute has passed, you should turn the key to the accessory position. Even though the truck is officially on, the engine is not operating while it is in this position. Please ensure that the key remains in the accessory position for one minute.
  • Last, connect the reset tool to the diagnostic port. This port is lower and to the left of the steering wheel. First, wait one minute before disconnecting the instrument from its connection.

At this point, the erroneous codes shown on the dashboard should be removed, and you are free to go with your journey.

Final Thoughts

Ghost lights may illuminate Kenworth, mainly if you drive a more recent model. The check engine light is the one that occurs the most often. On the other hand, the presence of a check engine light does not necessarily indicate a problem with the vehicle; it is possible that you only need to do a reset due to a malfunction in the computer.

This is a method that is simple enough. Either a fast key reset or an OTR reset is available for you to do.

To do a key reset, you must first switch off the engine, remove the key from the ignition, and then open and shut the door on the vehicle’s driver’s side. Putting the key back into the ignition and turning it to the on position, then turning it to the off position, and doing this six times before starting the vehicle is the recommended procedure.

First, turn the key to the off position for one minute, then rotate it to the on position for another minute. This will perform an OTR reset. Last, wait one minute after plugging the reset tool into the diagnostic port to clear the lights.

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