What’s The Difference Between A 379 And 389 Peterbilt?

What’s The Difference Between A 379 And 389 Peterbilt?

Have you been driving a Peterbilt 379 for several years and are considering trading it for a 389? Although there are few variations between these two Peterbilt models, they are significant. You need to be aware of the distinctions to make an educated purchase; so, what are they?

A straightforward and significant difference exists between a Peterbilt 379 and a 389 Peterbilt.

  • Every 389 comes with a SmartNav consul.
  • The 379 is heavier than this vehicle, which weighs 150 pounds less.
  • Its fuel economy has decreased by four percent. The length of the hood is four inches longer than that of the 379.
  • With 230% more effective headlights than the competition, it has increased visibility.
  • The radiator of the 379 is more significant than it was in the previous model.
  • With the same excellent quality as the 379, the 389 is an easy upgrade that is still available.

In 2007, Peterbilt decided to stop manufacturing the 379 to concentrate on developing the 389, which was the 379’s replacement. You will still want to be aware of all you purchase with the 389, even though experienced drivers have reported feeling entirely at ease in the new automobile.

What are the similarities between the Peterbilt 379 and the Peterbilt 389?

You have come to the right place if you seek a vehicle with the same level of comfort as the 379. The reviewers of the 389 are, on average, exceedingly satisfied with the update, and they speak highly of the fact that it is consistent in feel and performance to the 379.

In both versions, the framework of the cab is identical to the others; however, the cab of the 389 is taller and has a more streamlined form to improve the airflow through the vehicle.

Some individuals have difficulty distinguishing between the two models due to the striking similarity in their appearance. The only differences between the aluminum hoods are the increased length of four inches and the backward curved headlamps of the 389. Other than that, the designs are almost similar.

Both versions used the most advanced engines, which resulted in vehicles that were both powerful and dependable.

What is a 389 Peterbilt?

The well-known and highly regarded Peterbilt firm also produces an on-highway vehicle called the Peterbilt 389. In addition to being contemporary and sleek, the 389 is a favorite with truck drivers nationwide.

This truck is outfitted with SmartNav technology, enabling the driver to drive with complete assurance. It provides the driver a cutting-edge navigation system, Bluetooth connectivity, voice control, and even suggestions for routes tailored to the truck’s specific dimensions and weight.

It comes equipped with the most recent engine, the PACCAR MX-13. Using air discs instead of drum brakes, the 389 can give superior stopping force, resulting in a vehicle that is safer and gentler on the brakes. In 2006, the 389 was introduced on the market for the first time, serving as a replacement for the 379 model. The 389 is a reconditioned version of the 379, and the variations between the two models are of the smallest possible magnitude.

Similarities and Distinctions Between the Peterbilt 379 and the 389

Even if the variations between the two trucks may seem insignificant, a driver well-versed in the subject can perceive the variances.

Feature 379 389
BBC Length 127” 131”
Engine Weight 2,890 lbs 2,600 lbs
Headlights Basic Headlights Improved for Visibility
More Aerodynamic
Filter Gauge None Diesel Particulate Filter Gauge
Technology None SmartNav

The 389 is an astonishingly upgraded version 379 since it has a more significant length, a lower weight, better headlights, and new technology available.

How much does it cost to purchase a 2022 Peterbilt 389?

A range of older models from the previous five years are available for as little as $120,000. This contrasts the fact that a brand new 2022 389 Peterbilt will cost more than $200,000.

When purchasing a model 379, it was likely manufactured before 2006. Although a good deal, the changes in the 389 make it worthwhile for the driver to purchase it.

When you pay for a 389, in addition to the other various variations that have been discussed, you are increasing your driving experience in comparison to the 379 by a few significant differences, including the following:

  • An adjustable steering wheel that allows for improved visibility of the vehicle’s instruments.
  • The diesel particulate filter gauge is a novel device that may be used to determine when the filter can be replaced.
  • There are longer springs on the steer axle, which results in a lower riding height for the trailer.

Since you are now aware of every difference between the 379 and the 389 Peterbilt, you can choose whether you are prepared to make a shift!

Final Thoughts

Even though the differences between the 379 and the 389 may not be very many, it is essential to be aware of them. We are all aware that Peterbilt manufactures vehicle trustworthy vehicles, but when it comes to the model, the tiny changes are pretty crucial to guarantee a pleasant and pleasurable trip.

Be careful to read reviews written by other drivers before making a purchase, and make sure you get to know your new vehicle before you invest. The 389 unequivocally has the most recent technological advancements, a streamlined hood, a powerful engine, and a cozy interior. Choosing between the 379 and 389 Peterbilts makes your selection shorter and more straightforward!

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