Hello Friends… Today I will share with you the tips of “HOW TO TREAT A MAN LIKE A KING”

The first thing any woman who wants to know how to treat a man like a king has to do is learn to understand her man.

Keep this essential information in memory, and embrace the reality that men don’t think like women, that they don’t have the same feelings as women, and that they don’t act like women. They’re not in love with the way women do either.

You need to know what makes your man click before you set out to treat him like a king. Men have expectations of women, and they are not very good at communicating or expressing their desires properly and wants to their wives.

Beyond looking stunningly beautiful like Beyonce, certain things attract a man to a woman; you need to know your husband’s standards so that you can at least try to fulfill them. So, if you don’t know what your man wants from you, how do you fulfill his requirements?

As a woman, you are well qualified to develop and grow up your family. You’re motivated to make things better in your life, like job, marriage, and children.

The major challenge of understanding how to handle a man like a king lies in your ability to view his needs through your own method. You should have an open and truthful look at the needs of your man in the world so that you can understand how best to please him.

You have two separate people coming together to want to be one in a marriage. So that means two different cultures, two different attitudes, two different habits, and two different personalities.

They are struggling to live in harmony and peace, but there are going to be disputes, debates, and disagreements at the end of the day. It’s all good and usual, because you’re your own person, and your husband is his own person, and close proximity means that you’re going to come up against something.

The problem is when you, as a woman, are starting to lose respect for your husband because of things you don’t like, and yes, women can get rude and don’t know how to treat a man like a king.

Respect is the essential need of any man in a relationship. As a woman, no matter how good your cooking is, how good your body looks, how clean you look and how amazing you’re in bed if you don’t know how to treat a man like a king, you’re going to lose him as your husband.

Some women tend to lose the respect they have for their husband as soon as they avoid doing such things when the woman starts to feel like the man doesn’t do what they should do, or doesn’t do enough, so they begin to lose sight of how wonderful their husband really is.

But men want their wives to keep respecting them, no matter how high or how low they are; they don’t want their wives to lose respect for them. Taking away the love that you have for your guy is trying to strip away his manhood. When you take his manhood, what’s left of him?

Let’s explore how you can show your husband how valuable he is:


A lot of tradition focuses on how to honor your man, but respecting is a fine place to begin. Marriages that had passed the time test simply take it a bit further than that because those women had a deep respect for their husbands. It’s about getting a kind of deep appreciation for your man.

To feel appreciation or gratitude for someone, it’s a powerful emotion, and a way of acting to prove someone or someone is above you, and that means you’re thinking It’s All About Him.

Every day, as a woman, you need to recall that this union is not about you, but about him. It’s very convenient to turn everything back on yourself and to center everything on you and make your husband an accessory to your life, and then it’s the saddest thing because it takes away a genuinely healthy marriage.

Your partnership is not just for you to be in your comfort zone, or at ease, or to be on your way all the time. It’s about inspiring a man to become the best of his abilities. So let him lead the way while you obey his will

You concentrate on satisfying his needs; you show him your respect, enjoy a lot of intimacy with him. Take the time to prepare special meals for him and share a lot of physical affection with him.

You’re there when he’s stressed out when he just wants someone to talk to. You’re going to learn to show him sympathy and genuine concern in his concern.


When you look at somebody in the eye when they’re talking, it’s a sign of respect to show that you’re listening attentively, because what they’re saying is relevant to get your attention, because it shows that you’re engaged in communication.

It’s going to make him feel important; the fact that you’re going to put your phone down and pay undivided attention to him shows your husband that he’s important to you. They don’t want to fight for your attention with Instagram, or for your make-up, or for items that are bothering you.

Whenever your man is talking to you, just look him in his eyes and let him know without saying something, ‘I’m listening.’


Learn to value the free time of your husband. Some women are clingy and insecure and want to spend time with her, all women need it, they want it because it makes women feel they’re valuable to a man. This is not bad in itself, but you need to remind yourself that your husband is working very hard to achieve his life goals, too.

It’s not just about mentioning money or paying rent, it’s about the overall burden of caring for their woman’s needs, you know that woman are emotionally vulnerable, and it’s really stressful for a man if you’re really vulnerable.

Getting children as well as caring for them make men feel the burden of guilt because they don’t spend enough time with their children because they don’t get to be with them during the day.

So your husband is leaving work, and he spends much of his time away and comes home exhausted and stressed out, however, their children need them, and they’re trying to make up for a lost time, and this may leave you as a woman feeling left out.

You also need to realize that there will be moments when he needs to take time off, leave and spend some time alone, or go out with his mates, like the queen you are, give him that time, accept it, and support him in it. This is how you show him that he has complete control over his time.

You’re also going to try not to force him, or emotionally blackmail him into giving up the little comfort that he can manage now and then.

As a result of your action, you will find out that he will be careful to schedule you in his time and make you a priority. Don’t be afraid of being loved, or try to manipulate the way he spends time with you, treat your husband like a king, and you will always remain his top priority.


You should not just do it happily or cheerfully, but eagerly make it happy. The more joy you have in serving your man, the more you can make him feel like a king. It just comes down to happy moments.

Serve him his meals with a good attitude; let him show in the way you’re going, how you’re smiling at him, how you’re going to interact with him, what you’re going to do, and let him not be yet another obligatory woman’s chore. It’s a pleasure for you to do his things for him.


Smile, please, not just for the camera but for your husband. Nobody likes to be around people who have a heavy face attitude, constantly grumpy and sad.

When your man comes around you, he’s supposed to light up something inside you after all the happiness is contagious. He’s smiling back when he sees a bold, bright smile on your face.

Show him that you’re so glad to see him. Your smile lets him realize he’s going to make you happy. This is one of the easiest ways to treat a man like a king. Give him the best smile every day


Ask your buddy what you can do for him. This is very difficult for most women to understand, accept, and imbibe. This goes against their ideology, their ego, and their standard. They don’t like being a wife, taking care of their children, and their husbands. They feel they are doing too much for their husbands.

You’re not going to slip into this trap if you don’t want your husband to do it all the time. You should show your husband what you want to do first. Don’t do something because you want him to do something in return, just support him, and ask him, “What can I do for you?”

Eventually, this is going to start recognizing in his mind, and as a man, he’s going to start searching for opportunities to give back to you, and doing more for you, because you’re always doing too much for him. You’re not expected to do this once a month, but randomly. You’ve got to serve before you want to be served.


Cultivate the behavior of including your husband in all the decisions you make. You need to let your man get involved in all that you’re doing. This demonstrates to him that his opinion is respected. From worldly things like the kind of hairstyle, you’re supposed to wear because it’s important to him to have more complex life issues.

You guys are one now, and he needs to be involved in any decision you make because he’s part of you.


When he is talking to you, it should take precedence over anything else that is going on, or any activity you might be involved in. Let what he says takes precedence over everything, even the kids.

There are times that children can not leave when they have urgent needs, but when they are busy with little things here and there, and then the children can wait.

When your man wants something, says something, or says something that seems less important than what you’re doing right now, show him how important it is to drop what you’re doing and give him your full attention and be 100 % ready to go and do something for him and where you can’t, clarify lovingly to him that you want to quickly finish what you’re doing.

Hard as this might be, he still respects his financial decision. Finance is the secret to a man’s identity. Every man has a deep-seated drive to be a provider; there is a central element of masculinity in providing and becoming a provider.

It is important for you, as a woman, to value her autonomy and not try to lord your views over her, the best you can do is offer advice. Let it be his domain, and support every decision that he makes with his capital. Let him have complete control of it.

Most husbands want their wives to handle the house’s finances. If your husband wants you to be the financial manager of the house, you should support his decision by taking the job.

When your husband manages home finance and buys a new car or sinks money into some obscure investment, you can only help him adjust and become a better manager by not confronting him. If you challenge him or doubt him in his position as a finance manager, he will feel threatened.

There are some things men are supposed to bear that you, as a woman, simply can not understand, and if you do that with you, both of you will end up arguing and fighting over the subject.


Thanking a man for the things he has done for you will open the hearts of even the most hardened of men. It’s so simple to complain, but when you put your mind on the positive that you’re starting to see all the good that’s in your man, that’s going to make your day so much better. It sends a message to your husband that he’s not doing anything wrong.

Many women will talk about all the wrongs that their man has done, but he still needs to know exactly what he’s doing right.

You should thank him for making a bed, opening a car door for you, and so on, and thank him for the one thing he’s doing. Having him know that you appreciate the little things he’s doing for you would make him a happier man.


You don’t have to do it all; learn to ask your man for help. You are so powerful as a woman that you can bear anything on your back. You’re going to eventually get to a point where you do anything, and you’re not going to let your man do anything. That’s not how it should be, ask him for help, and don’t deny your man’s helping hand.

Stop playing the victim all the time, your husband needs to be completely involved in your life, but are you going to let him? You’re there to support your man in marriage, and he’s there to support you out. One of the goals of marriage is to grow together, and to water one, another will quickly deepen the pace of a successful marriage.

Get him interested in your company instead of tearing him down. Plants don’t survive when we walk on them; you need to water the plant and leave it alone. Treat your husband as king by offering him with motivation, and water your husband with compliments.

Be to your husband be the kind of wife he always wants to come home to. Start making the required changes; you don’t have to do anything on this list at once. You may decide to avoid arguing with your husband, and instead, start complimenting him.


Your husband is not expected to be the only one to start lovemaking. You’re going to want to make love to your husband. Establish the requisite privacy; send the children to their grandma or to a safe location. Initiate a flame, serve your man’s sensual needs, and desires the same way you want him to return his favor.

If you want to rub your legs, kiss your neck and massage, do the same thing, and do more. Be his lover, and he’s never going to have to go elsewhere to satisfy his sensual needs.

Stir up your man’s sensual appetite, and when you treat him as a king in bed, he’ll take you to the sensual paradise that you never knew existed.


You’ve to compliment your man the same way you want him to praise you. To praise him when he wears a new perfume, or to tell him that his new hair cut looks so cute, to get freaky with him, to let him know that he is the guy of your dream. Don’t let another chick be the one to compliment your man, be his cheerleader.

Ask him to wear his clothes that you like, let him know that you like the way the shirt takes shape. Do you want to know how to treat a man like a king? Lavishly praise him, that way, when some woman praises him, he’s not really going to sink in.


Many women are guilty of putting blame on the man’s feet in marriage, particularly if things don’t go their way. You may want certain stuff to go perfectly and smoothly without a hitch, and if stuff doesn’t go according to your schedule, you’re going to start playing the blame game.

If you keep complaining about your man, all you’re going to do is ruin your marriage. When you quit complaining and start looking for ways to treat a man like a king, he’s going to follow suit and start treating you right.

How to treat a man like a king is meant to make him feel important and respected. If you can make a man feel that way, he can exude confidence, reach his full potential, become emotionally secure, and eventually make you the only concern in his life.

He’s always going to explore ways to impress you and keep you happy because no decent man wants to make you sad.

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