Hello Friends… Today I will discuss with you some methods on “HOW TO MAKE A MAN FEEL HAPPY, LOVED AND RESPECTED”

Have you ever thought about making your man feel loved, happy and respected? Who claims that only women have the right to be cherished and ruined? Love is an all-encompassing word of caring, respect, happiness. Everyone deserves to be loved, including your man.

Every Valentine’s day get me surprised how some ladies sit around waiting to receive presents from their men and not worrying about what they can do to make their men feel unique. Women don’t always have to be at the receiving end of love and care, it should be vice versa, give and take.

Kudos to the women out there who will leave no stone unturned to show their men how they feel about them. You can express your love by phone calls, text messages, surprise meals at work, and enjoyable times together.

Do you want to know how to make your man happy, loved, and respected? You don’t have to break a bank to do that, a simple kiss, a pat on the back, a little kindness and care add up to a ‘meal of love’ that you can share with your man.

Here I am going to share with you some of the methods to make your man loved, happy, and respected:


You should acknowledge the need to be a lady and meet the demands of life and its obligations, but that shouldn’t dissuade you from spending time with your heartbeat.

You’re not allowed to go into lockdown with him all day as it’s impractical, but you can give him so much attention that he’ll feel like a king. If you’ve had to be away for a while, do well to check on him or give him some romantic messages to tell him you’re thinking about him.

Only make him happy by hanging out with him. Don’t always turn down his offers to take you out, embrace them, and dress to kill.

You should supposed to try spending quality time with your man engaged in chit chats and have fun together in a world that says ‘just the two of us’? One thing some ladies don’t know is that when your man feels loved and pleased, he ‘s going out of his way to make you feel the same way.


Start lovemaking sometimes!  Dress up to “kill” him! Be attractive! Know the part of your body that he likes the most, and use it to hypnotize his brain!

A man never jokes about getting down because it’s really important to him. Don’t deny it to him. Some women say it’s not their fault, their men don’t ask for it, please, if your man doesn’t, please ask for it! Why does he have to be the only one to start lovemaking?

Wear your push-up bras, leave some mighty cleavage, and keep walking around. Sit beside him, bend in front of him, serve him food with your cleavage in mind, and don’t let him rest until his task in the bedroom has been completed.

If your asset is a bum, thigh, or neck, wear eye-popping bum shorts and keep spinning around him, he should get the message.

Give him sexy messages at work and “unload” him when he comes back. Do you want to know how to make your man happy on the phone? Call him and say something sensual to him. Don’t turn him on without offloading him, a man has to let some steam out.

Touch him and ask him, bring him close, kiss him, and take the initiative. That man will never notice another woman, and he will make you his number one woman for life!

If you constantly refuse to be romantic with your man, he will become distant and indifferent. If you don’t give ‘it’ to your man on a regular basis, he may go and find it elsewhere, it may be by making a sensual adult video, dating a call girl, or even having an affair.

You need to know that a man’s lovemaking is a NEED. He does not work well when the need is not met on a regular basis.

Here are some hints that you can use to call his attention silently; at night, take your bath, wear your best nightwear, you know the one he loves so much. Make sure the room is well organized and shimmering everywhere.

If he is watching TV, walk past as if you were looking for something, get busy with some operation that will make you bend a little, exposing your cleavage and well-built thighs.  Make sure your fragrance exudes a message of ‘I’m ready for the taking’.\

When you’re going through your ultimate diamond dream, sit in front of him with your legs open, but sit and pretend you don’t know your legs are well open. By this time he’s going to be restless, you know what to do from there.

Another thing you should do is try to get down early in the morning. The first thing that your energy will be used will be on the early morning ramp, after explosive early morning lovemaking, your man will feel refreshed and ready to face the day

When you’re going through your ultimate diamond dream, sit in front of him with your legs open, but sit and pretend you don’t know your legs are well open. By this time he’s going to be restless, you know what to do from there.

No man is as comfortable as a man who’s well taken care of in bed. When you see a man happy in the morning, you know he has some tender loving care at night.


Women usually liked to be appreciated, and most men know it so that they use it to make their women happy.

It’s a societal thing to see a man as someone who’s strong and tough, but inside every man, there’s a boy who wants to be told something positive. There’s a boy waiting to hear some sweet words, he wants to hear you tell him he’s handsome, he wants to hear you say you’re privileged to have him in your life.


Be compassionate and appreciative. Learn to say ‘thank you’ to your man at times. Don’t wait until he returns home with a gift bag until you appreciate it.

Show appreciation for the times he helped with the house chores, the times he kept the crying baby when you were having dinner, the times he asked you to take a break when he helped look after the kids, don’t forget the pickups and drop off at work, or even the grocery shopping time together where you walked like the queen with him as your handyman pushing the shopping cart while you picked up whatever you wanted.

Think beyond the box and prepare your own list of “stuff to say thank you to your husband” If only you can remember, you’ll see that there are so many things to be thankful for. This is one of the ways to make your man happy. Let’s avoid the feeling of superiority, thank your man for putting up with your mood swings, too.


Just try and listen to your man. When he tells you that he wants certain things, it’s because he needs to feel good about the relationship, he needs to know that you’re going to do whatever he asks of you because you love him. Be confident that if you do anything for the sake of your man’s happiness, he will do the same to you if you ask for it.

Men, like women, can’t read the mind, so don’t be disappointed if things don’t go the way you want them to. It’s your fault if you don’t talk. If communication is good, keep trying, and things are going to fall into place.

Ladies, listen to your man and pick up the hints, where you don’t know what to do, ask questions.


Most people see surprises as throwing extravagant parties or purchasing tickets for two at an exotic venue, but they don’t stop there because no one can afford that.

Surprising your man, he could think ahead of him and solve some issues. It could be cleaning the car before he gets up to do it, it could be redecorating his office when you have the chance to do it, it could even be taking him lunch at work, or buying him a pair of nice shoes.

Surprises have a way to put a smile on his face. It doesn’t have to be a thing once in a while, try to promote it in your ritual, and you’ll be happy you did it.


Have you ever had an idea of what your man is going through at work sometimes? Some sit bemoaning the pain of not being able to fulfil their obligations, and where they have a lady who doesn’t support, that may be an extra burden. Men love big, independent women.

Don’t sit around waiting for what your man’s going to bring to the table. It doesn’t have to be 9 to 5 but pursuing your passion is one thing that makes your man happy.

Every man finds pleasure when he sees that his lady succeeds in living her dream. Don’t sit around waiting for a man to satisfy you, get a hobby, and follow a career, search for something you can do quickly, go on purpose.


As the saying goes, a woman is behind every successful man. A supportive woman is involved in her man’s career, company, and life goals. Do you offer advice on how to make him more effective at work or do you try to exploit him because of what you’re hoping to get from him? Our men are flourishing on the encouragement they get from us.

Often we should learn to massage their ego and see how they react. Look out for the times he’s quiet and try to figure out why he’s troubled, listen to his concerns, and provide advice to help soothe his pain.

If he doesn’t take your advice, and things get out of control for him, do you seek revenge and add salt to enhance the pain, or do you sit down lovingly and cry with him as you seek ways to support him? When he’s financially handicapped, he’s relieved of some bills, particularly when you’re working, after all, when he has so much to give to you, he’s showered you with gifts.

Be recognized when he behaves like a child. Be a safe haven and an oasis of calm. Don’t just nag him. There is no better way to make your man happy than to trust in him and his dreams.


Accept it when a man says he’s all right, he truly means it when he says he’s all right. It’s natural and safe for a man to want to be alone sometimes. That’s all he wants once in a while.

Maybe he doesn’t really want to talk about it, it’s part of his make-up. Embrace him that way, and don’t swim. Men assume that they will have answers rather than deal with the issue.

Some men see your interference as being unsafe. Enable him to be himself and often hang out with the boys, you don’t have to walk hand in hand with him, let him breathe.


It’s unusual for a man to receive sincere compliments. But the girls are not the only one who likes to be told they look good, smart, or sexy – of course, the guys love it too! Tell him all the nice things about him, tell him he looks hot in his white shirt, or let him know how much you love to smell his smell. By recognizing your man with true adoration, he’ll make him feel loved.


Don’t ever deny his attempts to make you feel comfortable. If your boyfriend messes up the kitchen just a little while cooking breakfast for you, don’t scold him because he’s going to feel stupid trying to do something good for you. Instead, just be grateful that you have someone who works so hard to make you grateful. Don’t even try to make him feel rejected. He’s going to feel loved by you by appreciating him.


All relationships need space from time to time to build on the trust and bond that you share. Give him the freedom to be at work with himself, family, friends, or even his teammates. I’m sure he’s going to feel noticed, heard, encouraged, and loved.


Time is the most precious thing we can give to anyone because we can’t get it back after we’ve spent it. So, use that wisely in your relationship. Make your boyfriend feel loved by showing him he’s your highest priority.


Guys love hot and long hugs. They sometimes communicate physically, and this is a language that they naturally understand. Hugging your boyfriend a little longer and closer would show him how much you love him.


Pay attention to him, and when he speaks to you, leave your phone out of your hands. Just when you want him to listen to you, he wants you to do the same thing to him. In this situation, he’s going to feel like you really care about his feelings and opinions.


When you let your boyfriend know how much you miss him, do so in a creative way — like sending him a text when you’re on a break, taking videos of yourself in locations that are important to both of you, or just telling him how much you miss him and how eagerly you’re waiting to see him again.


If you trust a man, it subconsciously reveals to him how important and special he is in your life. So, as much as possible, share your secrets with him or, without hesitation, tell him everything he needed to hear. In that scenario, you’re going to make him feel loved.


Show the world that he’s your guy and how much you love him by introducing him to your friends. Never let him feel like you take him for granted, always show him how lucky you are to have him

Asking your boyfriend for advice just demonstrates how you love and trust his mind enough to do something based on his decision.


Affection is something that all people want and all people need. So if you want a friend of yours to feel cherished, show him your affection. Hug him, kiss him, keep his hands in public, cuddle with him, or show him that you’re willing to set things aside for him in your schedule.


Yes, if girls want to see their partner getting jealous to make them feel loved by their boyfriends, they want to feel the same. Don’t overdo it, though. Only let your man know you’re pretty jealous, and you’re not going to let your one and only boyfriend have other girls.


Don’t be a leader, but be an inspiration to your boyfriend. Asking him to change his lifestyle — like the way he dresses, speaks, or acts in front of people — will just make him feel like you don’t love him or support him the way he is. Try to be understanding and consider his ways. If you want to change him for the better, do not influence him, but encourage him to become a role model. In other words, be the difference you want him to see


We all do mistakes. But if God, who loves us, can show grace and forgiveness, why can’t you do the same? Make your boyfriend feel genuinely loved by getting rid of your dignity and pardoning him for his mistakes, particularly if they’re not deliberate.


True love is patient.  So be careful and loyal to your partner and to your relationship with him. Don’t break up easily with him when things get complicated in your relationship. Show him that you have faith and confidence in him. Show him you’re hanging on to your relationship. Your man will never feel cherished by you without your faithfulness.

All of the above comes from a heart that loves genuinely. When you love your man, you will respect him and treat him like the king.

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