Lilly Singh (Superwoman) 3 Tattoos & Their Meanings

Lilly Singh is a Canadian Youtuber, Comedian, Television Host, and Actress. She is popularly known as Superwoman all over the world. She was ranked first on Forbes’s Top Influencers List and included in the top 40 most influential people in comedy. She has received 4 Streamy Awards, an MTV Fandom Award, 2 Teen Choice Awards, and a People’s Choice Award. She is also well-known for the inks that she had on her body. She made little tattoos on her body.

In this article, you will learn about her tattoos’ meanings.

1.‘Nirbhao Nirvair’ Tattoo:- She made this tattoo on her wrist on both hands. It represents writing that speaks “Nirbhao” and “Nirvair.” These words are from her religion, Sikhism, Nirbhao means without fear, and Nirvair means without hate. They represent how a life without fear and hatred brings peace to someone. For, showing her faith in her religion, she made this tattoo.

2. ‘One Love’ Tattoo:- She made this tattoo on her left shoulder. It represents writing over there that speaks, “One Love.” She never shared the exact meaning behind this tattoo.

3. ‘Heart’ Tattoo:- She made this tattoo on her right hand. It represents a small heart over there.

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