Slayy Point Contact Address, Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email ID, Website

How to contact Slayy Point? Slayy Point Contact Address, Email ID, Website, Phone Number

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Today I will tell you about HOW TO CONTACT SLAYY POINT?

Slayy Point is an Indian YouTube channel established by Abhyuda Mohan and Gautami Kawale. The channel includes comic videos on millennial-friendly topics such as the internet, Bollywood, social media, and other crazy social events.

The duo initially set up a channel called Silly Point to start India’s first cricket fan channel. They organized a red carpet at the 2019 YouTube Fan Fest in India.

Gautami joined the women’s group to form a team called “Women in Comedy” Angry Prash was showcased on their channel in several videos, including “Worst Lyrics in Bollywood Songs” and “YouTube India Trending Page” Priya Prakash Varrier was shown in a YouTube video called “News Reporting Gone Wrong!” on their channel. They initiated a comedy-style interview with celebrities Rajkumar Rao and Mouni Roy. Later, they also conducted a comedy style interview with DJ Bravo. They also attended an interview with Radio City FM, which was broadcast live throughout India.

They have a second channel called SlayyPop where they post short vlogs and update videos. A remarkable video on this channel is where Abhyuda “spreads awareness” in the game GTA 5, where he points weapons to civilians to send them away while telling his audience to stay at home.


“Binod” was an internet meme from Slayy Point’s video entitled “Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD)”. At around 0:37 in the video, Abhyuda acknowledges a Google user named Binod Tharu, who posted a comment on a video containing his first name. He shot a drama episode where he answered all his questions with the word “Binod” Binod soon became a viral YouTube meme on Twitter in India.

Many YouTubers began including the meme in their videos, most notably Technical Guruji, who changed his intro to include the word “Binod” CarryMinati, and even PewDiePie, who read Binod’s spam comments during their streams, Angry Prash, who uploaded a YouTube story about Binod’s identity, and BeerBiceps, who created an entire explanation video about the meme.

Gaming live streams of several YouTubers, including Mr. Beast, were trolled with comments that said the word “Binod” and so were live stream lectures by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NASA’s space streams. Paytm changed their Twitter name to Binod after a tweet in which they were mentioned.

Slayy Point uploaded another video titled “Who is BINOD?” on August 8, 2020. How we established a VIRAL Meme, in which they clarified the origin of the meme and how it became one of the most prominent YouTube memes in India. On 9 August 2020, the Japanese YouTube violinist Kohei uploaded the cover of the song “Raabta” from the film “Agent Vinod” because the title of the film matches Binod’s name.

(a)Full Name: Slayy Point

(b)Founded By: Abhyudaya Mohan and Gautami Kawale




(f)Youtube Channel:





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