Top 10 Excuses for Not Doing Assignment [Good Reasons For Not Doing An Assignment]

10 excuses to not complete assignment

While it’s customary for students to miss an assignment once in a blue moon, what’s a decent excuse? Even professors know the excuses students use for late homework. Some instructors are approachable and trustworthy, while others are unapproachable. Such professors don’t believe in excuses unless they’re excellent.

Why not do homework? Reasons are usually excuses, but they won’t save you from a teacher’s reprimand or a bad grade. What to say to your instructor when you didn’t finish an assignment?

My notepad was stolen.

Someone took it despite your hard work; it’s sad.

I missed it!

Your instructor won’t approve of this reason, but you’ll have a day to complete and receive marks.
Today’s classmate has it.
You may easily blame a buddy or classmate who wasn’t there on submission day. Later, tell the worried person.

I was not well!

If you haven’t used health reasons before, you’re good to go.


Your room is being refurbished. Therefore you can’t use or access your study room. You neglected to take out books before class began.

Broken laptop!

This is an acceptable justification to use for digital or laptop-based assignments.

Network fault!

Also, blame your sluggish or dead network for not submitting a paper that requires online research.

My dad grabbed the file assuming it was legitimate.

Your instructor won’t penalize you for your dad’s error. Such justifications may work if your task requires a separate file since most files look identical.

My dad left it at his workplace after spiral binding it.

Be cautious when using another parent’s excuse since your instructor may discuss it at PTM.

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Dentist appt.

Dental difficulties are a good explanation if you were late to an appointment and couldn’t complete it.
Truthfully, an excuse won’t assist you, but your task will. It’s alright to be sluggish or late if there’s a serious emergency. If you appreciate our ideas, please tell us.

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