Top 10 Excuses Not to Go Home for Christmas [That Actually Work]

go home for christmas

Do you look forward to spending time with loved ones around the holidays? For the most part, I don’t understand why so many of us are traveling back to our home countries to spend Christmas with our loved ones. I have anxiety attacks whenever I see my extended family, but this is particularly true during the holidays. You know why: unrelenting resentment from our parents or in-laws, spoilt nieces and nephews who become even more spoiled when Uncle/Aunt returns home for the holidays, and the constant display of one’s best clothing as if one were entering a pageant.

All right then, let’s talk about the provision about eating dinner as a family…

Do not get me started on the endless political debates, the continual push to get married or have a kid, and other such dinner table talks. Every year, a new edition of the list replaces the original. What’s the best way to notify your loved ones you won’t be in town for the holidays? Even though it’s difficult and you may even feel guilty, everything works out. Your bed sits at the other end of the room, where you may curl up with a blanket and a bottle of wine or hot chocolate and spend some quality time with your family or a close friend.

Getting out of the Christmas family gathering isn’t always easy. The Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Visiting Family for Christmas are detailed in the following article.

  • Reasons for Not Attending Christmas at Home
  • Reasons to Stay Home for the Holidays Image Source:
  • Infectious Disease Epidemic and Interim Ban
  • Having an excuse is a godsend. Your family should be informed that you are now
  • quarantined due to your recent trip and cannot leave the house.

We took in a new member of the family.
If your family members are allergic to animals of any kind, such as dogs or cats, you may take advantage of that and avoid spending Christmas at Home. If they aren’t, explain that you just got a dog, and it is due for a rabies vaccine. Bringing him home or leaving him alone is impossible since he goes berserk whenever he sees a new face.


Shocking Medical Condition

Due to my current high blood pressure, I will be placed on observation for the next two weeks before my doctor prescribes daily BP meds. He cautioned me to maintain my composure and avoid social gatherings. I’m sure your family would never put themselves in harm’s way.

Silly, but a good cause, and I’m sure your family will approve of it, and even if they don’t, you have your noble motives to back you up.

At Home, a sick child.

Tell them your child is sick and unable to travel. Thus there are no plans for this year.

A lot of my time is devoted to Christmas preparations.

It’s his brother’s engagement this year. Therefore my partner is taking the Christmas holiday. Only one of us can take Christmas off this year, so I’ll take it next year.

Meeting with a High-Value Customers

Tell your family that you have a meeting with a high-powered customer in town for the holidays with his pals, and you’ll be OK. You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity for advancement.

A last-minute appointment with the dentist.

My crown broke off last night, and now it hurts. Due to a conflict with Christmas plans, I’ve sought an appointment with my dentist.

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Your boss is to blame.

It’s enough to mention that my boss has refused your request for time off when you tell me. There is so much office politics that tales like your boss are already enraged or after you already work too well with families.

A car malfunctioned

Festival-goers frequently exploit last-minute situations like these as an excuse to miss out on the festivities. Here’s a piece of advice: Make it seem like you’re the happiest person on the planet when you go home for Christmas.

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