Travel Republic CEO Email Address

Travel Republic CEO Email Address

Who is Travel Republic owned by?

The airline services arm of Emirates, known as Dnata, recently bought controlling ownership of Travel Republic, the biggest privately held online travel agency in the United Kingdom. Travel Republic’s total revenue for the current fiscal year was more than £340 million.

How do I book seats on Travel Republic?

You will often be charged a fee if you pre-book your seats with an airline. During the check-in process (which may take place either online or at the airport), you will be assigned seats. By pre-booking tickets with certain airlines using the Manage Your Booking area of our website or app, you can avoid paying our £10 administrative charge.

How do I contact Travel Republic?

In the event that you have a question or concern about a client, please contact us at 020 8974 7200 or submit a “Customer Support Request” via the Manage Your Bookings area.

Can I get my money back from Travel Republic?

If you have already submitted a Chargeback request to your bank to retrieve the money, we will only be able to conduct a refund, if necessary, after your case has fully been resolved. Your contract with the airline will determine whether or not you are eligible for a refund, considering that flight-only reservations are non-refundable and your money has already been paid to the airline.

Can I cancel my booking with Travel Republic?

Updates and cancellations at no cost

You read it correctly; we will not charge you any fees if you decide to cancel or amend any new hotel reservation that you make with us up to seven days before your departure date.

How do I speak to someone at Travel Republic?

By dialing 0208 974 7200 and selecting option 2, you can communicate with them further. From nine in the morning until six in the evening, our sales staff is accessible seven days a week.

Is Travel Republic a travel agent?

When it comes to travel, we at Travel Republic are obsessed. Given that we are one of the most well-established online travel agencies in Europe and assist over two million vacationers in booking their trips each year, we take great delight in helping our clients make their vacation reservations. This has been our practice for more than a dozen years now.

Can you pay monthly with Travel Republic?

We can now provide you with recurring monthly payments on your vacations!

Who is the CEO of Travel Republic?

The position of managing director of Travel Republic has been given to Antonio Fellino.

How do I pay my Travel Republic balance?

Within the Manage Your Booking area of our website or mobile application, you can pay your remaining amount by providing the booking reference number. Just sign in and then click the “pay balance” button.

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