11 Really Good Excuses for Not Giving Birthday Party

Do you feel sad on your birthday? Have you been trying to find reasons not to spend your birthday with your friends? There’s nothing wrong with it, though. You may not be in the mood or mental state to plan a party for other people on your special day at a certain age or time in your life. It’s your day, so you might want to spend it doing everything you want. You can put anything on this list, even sleeping all day, if that makes you feel special.

You’re getting older, and now it’s time for everyone to give you advice again. They will remind you of things you haven’t done or should do, like get married presently, buy your own house, make your job more serious, stop drinking or smoking, and the list goes on and on.

People like to have parties on their birthdays, and you enjoy going to them. But that’s their choice; why should you do the same? Let’s read about 11 Good Reasons Not to Throw a Birthday Party.

1. Don’t tell people everything on social media

If you never want to celebrate your birthday with friends, the first step is to not put the timeline on your social media profile. You make a mistake if you don’t like having parties on your birthday. Even if you didn’t say anything about it, one of your friends might have found out about it and told other people. Continue reading!

2. Act like it’s just like any other day.

Keep it simple and do what you do every day, like going to work, school, college, or doing your regular chores around the house. Say clearly that you don’t like to celebrate. If you have a lot of stubborn friends, you might add a sad story to back up your point.

3. Taking the family out

Tell them you’re going out with their family. They want to keep it small or have something special planned for you at your favorite restaurant. Since family always comes first, this is a good reason to stay home.

4. There’s too much to do

You work late, have important deadlines, it’s time for your review, and you can’t risk it with a party every year. A raise or promotion would be the best birthday gift, of course.

5. There will be no parties in the Pandemic

Pandemic is a justification that gets you out of having a party in public. Make sure you don’t have any other either or beside the most important ones.

6. A trip to the spa or a place to meditate

Ask your friend if your sister, mother, or close relative gave you a Spa Voucher or some other retreat. This year has been very hard in terms of work, school, and other things, so it will soon be over. You also want it very much. You can change it to fit your needs.

7. I’m not there

Just start telling people a month ahead of time that you’ll be out of town or out of town for an important family event on your birthday. Make sure you aren’t seen anywhere in the town or on social media that day.

8. My business partner is in charge of planning the party.

This doesn’t happen often, so it may seem even more real. Tell them that your boss or business associate has planned a small party for you and you can’t miss it. You had to work, but you know you would have had more fun with your friends (wink wink).

9. Problems with Family

Tell them you need to be at home more because your child has an exam, a big school event, or a big event like your father’s retirement or your parent’s anniversary. This is a good reason to use if your friends don’t care much about your life.

10. Serious health problems

Make up a story that you were in an accident and hurt yourself; this is always a good excuse. Send photos of yourself with a bandage or scars if you have to. Or make this an emergency for anybody at home. Or just tell them you don’t feel well and are very upset about your health, but you can do nothing about it.

11. Having a Guest

You already have people over, and they found out it was your birthday, so you’re staying home for dinner.

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