6 Helpful Excuses for Accidentally Calling Someone on WhatsApp

How often do you accidentally call someone on WhatsApp by mistake? Probably more than once, right? Okay, how often do you get a call from someone saying people got a call to you on WhatsApp, and when you inspect your call log, you find out they were right? Now, what do you say if you accidentally call someone on WhatsApp? When you make a mistake like this by accident, the best thing you can do is say sorry.

Even though accidentally calling someone isn’t a big deal, if you call your ex, you wouldn’t want to admit that you were talking, even if you weren’t. OR, even worse, when the call is made to an odd-man like the grocery guy, the minister of their building, your mean buddy, a casual acquaintance, or anyone else who fits in the same category for you. So, here are 6 useful excuses for calling someone by accident on WhatsApp. Let’s read them.

Making a mistake when calling anyone on WhatsApp:

1. The pocket dial phone was unlocked.

It sounds like something that happens, and it does. “My wallet likes you, or my butt is to blame.” You can add or take out such lines depending on how well you know the human you called by accident or how you feel about them.

2. Send a text back saying, “You called by accident.”

Things get a little easier when you accidentally invite someone and they don’t answer. Just leave a message saying you called by mistake. You don’t need to explain everything in detail.

3. Put the blame on the kid. My sibling called.

You shouldn’t feel bad about it. Kids often do things on purpose or by accident.

4. My finger slipped, and I accidentally pressed this same call button.

“Pressed the call button by accident,” you can add, “Was looking for the funny joke you sent a few days ago.” This is a good reason to lie if you have talked to the person in the last few weeks or months.

5. Put it all on WhatsApp.

You can always blame technology when you make a mistake by accident. Since apologizing for the mistaken call you made to the human, call them at least twice more and don’t say anything. This is the best reason to give old friends, mean friends, or people who are just weird, like your line manager or teachers.

6. My grandma made a mistake again.

Yesterday, I taught my grandmother how to use WhatsApp just for fun. She was trying to send a text, but she misclicked the call button when she was practicing. This did work, at least it did for me. My mom called my hygienist four days in a row while getting her degree in WhatsApp. No, I’m not kidding. Along with the calls, she also sent me some random clicks while learning how to use WhatsApp.

A simple statement works for most situations, like calling a great friend or sibling. Just take all the blame and say, “I just wanted to see how you were doing.” Everything is fine here; I’ll call you later sometime.”

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