8 Believable Excuses for Not Keeping in Touch with Your Friends

We all plan and promise to stay in touch with our friends. We were like, “Yeah, yeah, always, any time, I’m just a phone call away, I’ll leave, just let me know.” Some of us say things like, “We’ll always make plans to catch up on the weekends,” or sometimes we finish up looking for things not to go.

Life is very unpredictable, and so are our moods, especially around times like when we have plans to hang out with friends. Suddenly, even the most outgoing person on the planet wants to stay home, cuddled up in her/his bed and pillows, watching a random movie, reading a book, or doing nothing at all. And now you’ll need a really good excuse to get the day you want. Let’s read about the 8 Reasons It’s Okay Not to Stay in Touch with Friends.

1. Sadness

It comes in many shapes and sizes, and you can choose how to get it. If your mates already know about the trouble you’re having at work or home, it’s a piece of cake. You can just say, “Boss called the meeting at the last minute and asked me to go in his place. I’m done with this job, so I’m quitting.” You can also say, “Dad wants me to go with him to his doctor’s appointment” to get out of going home.

2. Bug That Pukes

Anyone can get bit by this bug at any time. Say, “I’ve been throwing up since the morning, haven’t eaten anything, and feel very weak and dehydrated.”

3. Illness that Spreads

“I think I have pink eye, so I can’t come.” No one will force you to participate or go to a meeting if you are sick or have symptoms of a sickness that can spread.

4. An emergency at home

This excuse works the best with friends since they won’t get you or your family in trouble if they ask you to come along. “Last night, my sister got into a fight with our dad. She came home really late, and he just yelled at her. We can’t have a crisis at home!”

5. I have no money at all

Your friends may still not mind if you don’t help, but it’s about how you feel about yourself. “I’m broke this month because the loan I took out caused a big cut in my pay. Next time, Bro, I’ll keep that for two days in a row.”

6. The Boss of Dad’s is coming home

My dad invited his Boss and his family to lunch, and his Boss said he was looking forward to meeting us all, “especially me,” because of my current success (any achievement, any award, any praise about anything that you have done and your friends know about it.)

7. Somebody else Stole My Bike

“Someone stole my bicycle last night, and the police called me this morning to tell me that the person who did it was caught on camera hitting someone on the road.” What chaos

8. What a family does

Tell them you’re not in town because you’re going to your first cousin’s wedding. You didn’t plan to go, but your dad is on tour, and your mom won’t let you go alone.

Sincerity is the best policy, and then when it comes to guys, you shouldn’t feel burdened or pressured by casual meetings. Instead, be brutally honest about how you’re feeling. But sometimes things get out of hand, and if a tiny innocuous lie will save the relationship, why not?

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