How to Meet Vikas Khanna Personally and Face to Face

Vikas Khanna is an Indian chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, filmmaker, and humanitarian. Khanna has worked at Taj Hotels, Oberoi Hotels, Welcom Hotels, and Leela Hotels. Before joining Junoon, an upmarket Indian restaurant in Manhattan’s Flatiron neighbourhood, Khanna worked at Salaam Bombay and The Café at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York. In its first year, Junoon earned a positive review in The New York Times from Sam Sifton, and has been granted a Michelin star by the Michelin Guide for six consecutive years since 2011.

How to Meet Vikas Khanna Personally and Face to Face

Gordon Ramsay, Eric Ripert, Bobby Flay, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten are among the chefs with whom he has collaborated. In 2020, he will establish the Ellora restaurant in Dubai.

Khanna presented the second season of MasterChef India in 2011, a show based on the British original. Since since, he has hosted every season of the show. In Season 6, Khanna was invited to be a guest judge on MasterChef Australia.

Khanna founded the “South Asian Kid’s Infinite Vision” (SAKIV) organisation to focus on global challenges that require immediate attention, such as tsunami relief, Gulf Coast hurricanes, and Haiti. The foundation has sponsored various events across the world, from the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt to the Taj Mahal in India, in partnership with humanitarian organisations such as Save the Children.

Vikas Khanna’s alma institution, Welcomgroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration, Manipal, created India’s first culinary museum in 2018. Khanna established “Cooking for Life” in 2001 in New York with the help of some of the world’s best chefs to promote a variety of social issues. His award-winning class, Vision of Palate, was created to teach persons with visual impairments about the sense of taste, flavour, and fragrances.

Khanna cooked for President Barack Obama at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City on May 14, 2012. Khanna is a Smile Foundation goodwill ambassador who helps the fight against malnutrition in India. He has promised to raise $1 million for the cause.

During the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 in April 2020, he launched the “Feed India” programme, which is supported by Pepsi, India Gate, Quaker Oats, Hyatt Regency, and Global Funds for Widows and distributes food and supplies to people in need in India.

How to Meet Vikas Khanna

Through Social Media

Vikas Khanna loves his followers and communicates with them via social media. So, utilise these methods to request a personal meeting with him. Vikas Khanna as a member of the audience through relevant contacts in the broadcast media.

Twitter: @thevikaskhanna

Instagram: @vikaskhannagroup

Facebook: @VikasKhannaGroup

In Shooting Place

This method of meeting Vikas Khanna is a little difficult because it requires a lot of studies. Vikas Khanna travels a lot of locations where the scene for his serials, so all you have to do is wait outside the Tv shooting spot and try to meet him. But be wary of the throngs of people who will be eager to see him.

Through Appointment

Requesting an appointment for a one-on-one visit is always preferable due to his habit of being highly busy all of the time. Please make sure you have a good cause for requesting an appointment with Vikas Khanna since the requisition letter should be detailed. Send the mail to the following address:

Vikas Khanna
Amritsar, Punjab,

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