Reasons and Excuses to Ignore Your Boyfriend

reasons and excuses to ignore your partner

Should I choose not to talk to my boyfriend? Yes, especially if you think he takes you for granted or does the same thing to you. Don’t be that clingy or gummy girlfriend whose world revolves around her boyfriend. Even if you love being close to your boyfriend, don’t show him that. How do I get my boyfriend’s attention by ignoring him? Many research shows that not knowing something is the best way to get people’s attention.

You might not want to talk to your boyfriend for many different reasons. Maybe you’re not interested in him anymore, or maybe he’s been doing that to you more and more. Does it work to ignore your bf? It works as long as your reasons or excuses are good enough to realize he is being ignored. So, no matter why you want to ignore your boyfriend, here is an article that might help you learn how to do it well. Here are some reasons and reasons not to pay attention to your boyfriend.

Reasons to not talk to your boyfriend.
Reasons to not talk to your boyfriend, Image:
Make plans with friends you don’t see very often.
Make plans with casual friends or people you know through mutual friends more often, and make sure to post pictures on social media with positive comments like “having the time of your life” or “no one can beat him/her.”

Don’t agree with his plans.

Say no to his plans for a date or meeting, and here’s the key: make your excuse sound as fake as you can, and make it the silliest one you can think of like your pet Brownie is mad and won’t let you go. Your message should come through loud and clear.

Make your absence known by not wishing on important days.

If you know of an important date or event, like when his review is due or when he’s getting a promotion, just forget about it or wish him luck at the end of the day and don’t talk to him again for at least the same day. You can also try to miss important days like your birthday or anniversary.

Stop calling or texting at the same times every day and giving any stupid reason.

Don’t call him at your usual times. He might not notice for a day or two, but he will notice that you haven’t called or texted him in two days on the third day.

Make your own decisions and get a haircut.

If you always want your boyfriend’s approval or consent, even for your things, stop doing that. If your boyfriend doesn’t like you with short hair or bangs, get it done (if you want it) and post about your new look on social media.

Work hurry-up

Just tell him you are busy at work or working on a project when he calls. If you do this for a few days, the message will get to him.

Putting off plans for coffee or a date

Just tell him that you don’t want to go out for coffee today and that you’ll see him tomorrow.

Don’t make plans and sound low.

Drop your plans for a solo date if you sound down, and go to the place where mutual friends are meeting if they are in a good mood. Be happy, don’t look at him, and talk with the group if he’s there. If he’s not, share the photos on social media.

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