12 Easy to Believe Excuses to Call Your Boyfriend [That Actually Work]

Life is hard, and it’s even worse when you have to find a reason to call your boyfriendhttps://themumbaicity.com/. Well, it’s sad but true that everyone has work, family, and friend obligations, so why can’t your boyfriend? You can’t sound or look like a grumpy girlfriend, and even if you are, you don’t want to act like a crazy-in-love or overprotective girlfriend.

The girl’s ego is bigger than she is. So, to keep your laid-back image, you need a good reason to call your boyfriend, who is busy today with a party for his friends, parents, or coworkers… So what? Let’s scroll down to find a good excuse that won’t ruin your well-kept reputation and will still give you a chance to talk to your boyfriend.

Ways to get in touch with your boyfriend

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I really can’t figure out one part of the new project.
I’m sorry to have bothered you, but I wanted to ask you a question about a project that was just finished. You and your boyfriend don’t have to work at the same place for this to work. The male ego is just as competitive, and when your girl asks for help from a professional, it makes you look smart. I’m sure your boyfriend will do anything to help you, and you can still talk to him while he does it.

Can you drop me off tomorrow somewhere?

Hey, I’m sorry, I just wanted to make sure. I have to go out tomorrow at Ruby’s (any friend’s) place, and I’ll be late getting back, so there won’t be any taxis or anything. Could you pick me up from there and take me home? So, if you could just drop me, I’ll tell her about the plan. Who wouldn’t want to meet his girlfriend’s group of pretty friends? So you might be able to talk to her about your gang, his gang, etc.

Birthday Party for a Colleague

“I have to go to a friend’s birthday party. He’s just a casual and formal friend, but he’s helping with something really important at the office, so I can’t say no, and I don’t want to go alone, so could you come with me?” Your boyfriend will probably ask you many questions about it, so let’s start talking.

“Did you get a party invitation from Ruby?”

Give your common friend a chance to be in your cute lie bundle. Even though there is no invitation, it doesn’t matter because you can say, “Oh, I forgot, she said she would cancel it, and she also told me.”

I was wondering if you could come shopping with me. If you could, I’d tell my mom no.
With this excuse, you can call your boyfriend and set up a casual date simultaneously. He won’t know about the date, but you can make him feel like he’s going out by dressing like you’re going out.

It’s my dad’s birthday, and I want you to help me choose a gift for him.

Your boyfriend will also like the idea, and now is the time to make a good impression, so why not? You can talk about where to go, what to choose, and so on.

Can you tell me about a good salon for men in town?

My cousin just moved here, and I’m not sure of any of the rules. You know how much I like the way you do your hair.

I’m having a party for couples at my house, but my parents are going out and will be late.
No boyfriend would ever say no and end the conversation right there. So the call and the chance to talk to him are gone.

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I want you to meet my college best friend in town.

Uncertainty, because the girl’s old friend is back in town and will see his girl. How could he just let you go? He will probably have a lot of questions.

Can you help me get my mom to agree to keep the pet?

Here’s another chance your boyfriend won’t want to miss, so use this as an excuse to start a long conversation.

The Game of Pity

Just give him a call and start crying or sounding sad. He’ll surely ask what happened and where. Don’t forget to keep the conversation going by saying things like, “Nothing, I’ll take care of it, you just have fun, I don’t want to ruin your mood.”

I got the job, but I’m not sure what to do.

After all, it is about your career, and a good boyfriend will never take it for granted, even if he can talk about it later. He will definitely congratulate you and talk a bit, though. So, if he can do it, so can you.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about the same, please share them. If any of our excuses helped you, please give us a thumbs up in the comments section. Your feedback means a lot to us.

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