10 Helpful Excuses for Being Late to Online Class [That Actually Work]

10 excuses late for extra class

Online classes, the virtual monotony, and ease, or a mixed messed up bundle that every student is experiencing these days. Being late in an Online course is nothing new; as a matter of fact, it happens with every student more often, reasons being real or unreal. What do you say when you’re late to class? Interestingly, being late in an online course has no connection with your academics or sincerity, exceptions excluded.

You are late, and no judgments are associated if you have a genuine reason or an excuse and unless you are getting late daily. Talking about exceptions, are you the one who likes to make a remarkable entry in an online class always by joining it late? If you are not the one craving attention but looking for an honest and believable excuse for being late to the online course, we may help.

So, what is a good excuse for late school online? Let’s read in this section 10 Helpful Excuses for Being Late to Online Class.

Online Class

Online Class, Image Credit: courtesy .me

My Zoom stopped working.

Most schools are conducting online classes through Zoom, and it often lags or stops working. If you have attended a class before it, you are easily excused as you can claim it was working then but not when you were trying to log in to the new session. Even if it is your first session or using some other medium of online class like Microsoft Teams, you can use it as per suitability; it works.

Waiting for the host to start the meeting

This is yet another excuse we have heard in almost every online class. In every online course, this one student is always in the waiting room. Sometimes teachers are in the ignorant mode, and sometimes it gets unnoticed as the teacher is busy teaching in the class.

Family Emergency

My mom fell in the washroom, her ankle got twisted, and I was helping her, or My brother got injured and was severely bleeding. I was assisting my mom with his bandage. Family emergencies like this or related ones work as a good excuse for being late to an online class.

Network issue or power outage

Blame it on weather or the service provider, network issues, or power outage makes for one of the best excuses ever for being late to Online Class.

System got shut

I pressed the Power button accidentally, and the system was shut down. Very believable excuse if you are late to an online class by five or ten minutes.

I was stuck in the elevator.

You had gone down to fetch your courier, and while coming back, you were stuck in the elevator. It works well for all those students who live in a high-rise building or on the upper floors.

Automatic Updates

If you are attending online class through your PC or Laptop, Automatic updates installation is one excuse that can buy you suitable enough time, so next time you are like real late, do try it but don’t use it often.

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Tragedy in your society or area like neighbors’ house caught fire.

You cannot stay calm and attend your online class in such a situation, which can be dangerous. You were helping them, calling the fire department, or taking care of your little sibling while your parents were out for help.

I haven’t received the link.

Another very much believable excuse, you didn’t receive the link and were trying to text everyone to send it to you. Teachers are mostly posting the links in group chats or the portal, and it is hard to find out why one student has not received it so that you can try it sometimes.

I am on medication and was feeling drowsy.

Health issues often save you, and if you say you are on medication that Induces drowsiness, your teacher will indeed believe you and be concerned. So grab the attention and go for it.

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