20 Bulletproof Excuses to be Late on Rent Payments

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Don’t know why I’m reading this article? Here’s the thing: I was late paying my rent twice in a row, and I was trying to think of a good reason that wouldn’t hurt my relationship with my landlord. This happens to most of us and ev

Don’t know why I’m reading this article? Here’s the thing: I was late paying my rent twice in a row, and I was trying to think of a good reason that wouldn’t hurt my relationship with my landlord. This happens to most of us, and even when we tell the real reason for the delay, we look for better excuses. What do you say if you’re late on your rent?

We can’t always say, “Oh, I forgot to pay it,” or “I ran out of money.” Image problems are bigger than we think. You don’t want to hurt your reputation before the Broker, Real Estate Agent, or even your landlord, who might be the coolest person who never gets in the way, or you might not be able to afford this cool pace. So, what’s a good reason not to pay rent when you should? Let’s scroll down to find 20 good reasons not to pay rent on time.

Reasons why you can’t pay your rent on time

Reasons why you can’t pay your rent on time

Transportation vulnerabilities

If you have to pay rent in person, you’ll need a way to get there. You could say something like, “I had to take my car to the service centre.”

“You weren’t home.”

If you know that your landlord is busy at a certain time, you can use that as an excuse to show up at that time. For example, you know they leave for the gym at 7:30, so you can say you came around 7:40, but they weren’t home.

Down server

If you pay your rent online, you can use the bank server was down as an excuse.

Weather is to blame.

If the weather is bad, so will the network. You can use this as a good reason, but only if the weather has been unpredictable for a few days.

“I was on the road.”

“I wasn’t in town because I had to go to a faraway place for work.” Using “I’m travelling” as a reason to delay payment works well.

I didn’t know my bank account was short on money.

Different bank accounts are often used for different things. You can use this as an excuse and say that you only use this account to pay bills or rent because your regular ECS failed because your salary didn’t get deposited on the day it was supposed to or something similar.

“I already sent the check in the mail.”

A simple claim that you’ve already sent the check can buy you up to three days, but no more.

I’m moving my bank account because things are so bad here.

Say that it’s the bank’s fault and that you’re moving your money to a new account. Do say that you have already started the process and that it will be finished in a few days.

I can’t find my checkbook. I asked the bank for a new one.

You lost your checkbook, and you looked for it for two days before finally asking the bank to give you a new one. You will get it today and write a check for the right amount.

Lockdown or Closed Service

Especially in today’s world, there are lockdowns and service interruptions, which you can use as an excuse if you pay your rent through a certain service or method. For example, if you send money through the U.S. Postal Service, you can say it was closed or closed early.

Let’s quickly scroll down to a few better ways to avoid paying rent on time or excuses for being late.

Differences in contracts

If there’s a broker involved, you can just say, “I wanted to check with the Broker about a clause that was supposed to change in 6 months, so I was late.” Or, if you are paying through him, you can say that he was not available. Change the number of the sentence, whichever works best for you.

Too busy with the office audit

Just say you were too busy with the audit at the office.

There’s a family emergency.

Any kind of family emergency can be used as an excuse to not pay rent on time.

Was sick.

If you’ve always paid your rent on time and have a good reputation with your landlord, a health problem is a great reason not to pay rent.

We might move, so we thought about making the full and final payment, but that didn’t work out.

A simple move is all you need to get out of paying rent for four or five days, but you can only use this reason once with a landlord.

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I was trying to call you, but I couldn’t get through on your phone

If you go to pay your rent in person, you can try this reason.

My roommate hasn’t given me their half of the rent.

If you are in a group and are the representative, this may help you get out of something. You can blame your roommate, who isn’t talking to the landlord, for the problem. But again, this isn’t a good reason because it’s your responsibility if you suggested the roommate.

Since I wasn’t there, it was supposed to be paid for by my roommate.

In another roommate situation, you could say, “I thought he or she would pay since I wasn’t there.”

We haven’t been able to make a payment for a few days.

Another common technical problem that can be used to avoid paying rent is “transaction failed. I tried three or four times.”

I lost my ID.

I lost my card and had to put a hold on it. I will get a new one in a couple of days. Or you can say that you just got it today.

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